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Discover a transformative journey with 52 weeks of empowering affirmations and thought-provoking journal prompts designed to reshape your mindset and guide you toward the life you’re destined for. Embrace this year as your opportunity to fully realize your potential and make each week your most extraordinary yet. Let Your Feathered Soul be your compass, illuminating the path to your ideal life while maintaining focus, intention, grace, and gratitude in every moment.

Hello, Gina here!

I help women, from all over the world, cultivate a less is more mindset to fully step into the life (and body) of their dreams. I focus on intention over intensity and quality over quantity to bring about a full mind-body-soul transformation.

As a top figure competitor turned spiritual junkie, I help women shift their mindset, align with their soul and finally step into the life they are meant to be living. I do this with my unique blend of using all the elements (movement, flow, meditation, breath and journaling) in order to create a life (and body) of balance and harmony. It is from this aligned state, where your greatest results are possible. I am excited to help you along your journey.